Through a Twitter, Darkly

As part of my ongoing activities this semester I was required to participate in a number of guided activities on Twitter.

My twitter feed can found at @mjjfeeney.

While there was a mandatory expectation to engage with these public discussions, I cannot see how I would have survived the semester without Twitter. The communities that grew up around the hashtags for all my subjects were the beating heart of coursework developments and class discussions. Twitter was indispensable across my studies, and I strongly believe that problems are best solved when you get a variety of people looking at them from multiple perspectives: Questioning, observing, networking, and experimenting.

And Twitter does just that.

As to my own contributions, I found the mandatory exercises to be a really great way of teasing out and engaging my classmates into an open forum. The tasks were lively and varied, and it was really fascinating to canvas the opinions of my peers about what the profession means to them, how they deconstruct popular media, and how they connect with the wider information community.

I feel like there was something meaningful and evocative about framing the challenges and questions of the information profession in a context that actually has some practical meaning to us.

I have a voracious appetite for information, and Twitter is like a shunt directly into my brain. I love what it does for the propagation and proliferation of information, even if I am terrified of what it does to the rigorous order of data.

Discovery is a grand and wondrous thing, and the tweeting exercises of the last 13 weeks really affirmed for me how important online communities and social data are for the information and LIS communities.