Collected Curios:

A poster I prepared for INN332: Information Retrieval. The posters were displayed at an evening event, and I was humbled to win the judge’s prize. The QR code leads to these references.

This is a link to the .pptx file for my presentation slides for a guest lecture I gave on Social Tagging & Informal Information Organisation on October 8th, 2014 for the subject INN533: Information Organisation. This was a huge milestone for me, as I was invited to give something back to the department and serve as an authority on a subject I love.

A vid-cast roundtable discussion (on Google Hangouts) that a team of my classmates and I prepared for INN347: Web 2.0. In it we discuss the rise of makerspaces, innovative technology in the wild, and 3d-printing.

I received some of these in recognition of the consistency I showed in my studies at QUT. They’re nice to have!